It’s always frustrating how rooms nowadays lack the right space for you to do all the things you want to do. There’s not just enough space for you to work, play and sleep. Most of the time, you are just allowed to choose one. Especially on dormitories, lofts or apartments, this particular scenario leaves you a frustrating feeling of not being able to maximize your spaces. Talk about maximizing spaces.

If your problem is space and you want to maximize your small room, Ikea Murphy Bed can easily help you. But wait, what is a Murphy Bed? Ever heard of one?

A Murphy Bed is a bed that is usually attached to the wall to be folded or pull-down depending on the needs. It is also known as the space-saving because of its unique characteristic of being able to save space. Because of its ingenious design, it has been widely-used for space-saving needs and for artistic and aesthetic needs. You can either hide it in a closet, a cabinet or any other wall-mounted fixing you can think of. Isn’t that great? It’s not just about space-saving, it’s also about great artistic ideas for your room!

Ikea Murphy Bed gives you the power to re-invent your room into different purposes according to your needs. It means making any space follows what you desire. It’s time to take control of your tight spaces! Forget the times when your tight spaces control you! If you value success and your career, you can easily make your night time bedroom to a daytime office. If studying is your turf and you want to make sure that you’ll graduate with flying colors, it’s time to make your night time bedroom to a daytime study room. See, it fits anyone, any needs and any purpose.

But it’s not just about the successful businessman or the studious student, this bed is also ideal for parents who would want to give their kids area to play and sleep but limited in terms of space. If you value your children and you want to show your love for them, it’s not yet late to give them a daytime play area and a night time bedroom all-in-one! It also makes your children safe giving them no beds to jump on during the day causing them injury. Also, it’s perfect for guestrooms and other function rooms that you want to make multi-purpose.

Whether it’s space or aesthetics or even function, this bed gives you the power to control your room. At Ikea, they let you get this power to control your room at a price you can afford. And don’t worry about the installation, it’s just easy to do as long as you get the right pieces! There can be no other reason why you would not want to maximize space using Ikea Murphy Bed.

After a day’s work or a day’s study or even a day’s play time with the kids, your bed is just as reachable as the remote control! Maximize space, own your room, and make it the way you want it to be— get an Ikea Murphy Bed now.