The Hong Kong Electronics Fair, but especially the stand Allwinner , gave us interesting surprises. In recent days, we talked about the first tablet with Allwinner A64 and the prototype of Smart Glass with Allwinner A33, but the Chinese company focused on Mini PC, development boards OTT TV Box and Box equipped with its latest chip. In particular, we refer to SoC Allwinner H3, H8 and A64 , launched during last year’s and next to debut in commercial devices invoice Chinese (and not). And it is Allwinner to give us a first taste.

What you see in the video and images are Mini PC and Ott Box functional, equipped with precisely these chips. It ‘great news because the Chinese company shows us not only the features of its processors, but also the availability of the first PCs with these SoC. Allwinner H3 is a quad-core processor (Cortex A7) that supports video playback 4K UHD H.265 / HEVC, while Allwinner H8 is an octa-core processor (ARM Cortex A7 ) 2GHz higher end PowerVR SGX544 graphics with 700 MHz that allows playback 1080p HD video at 60 frames per second with H.265 / HEVC codec, API supports OpenGL ES 2.0, 1.1 and OpenCL 1.1. In practice, the first chip will end in Mini PC from 30-50 dollars, while the second is more versatile because it is designed for gaming consoles and set-top-box mainstream.

Allwinner H3 Mini PC

The novelty, however, is called Allwinner H64 , a quad-core SoC 64bit shown for the first time at the end of 2014 integrated in the dev-board Nobel64. Today, Allwinner H64 is still part of a development board but called “H64 OTT Box Development Board” but, this time, we have some details (of course) more about its technical characteristics. It ‘a chip based on Cortex A53 core, able to perform hardware decoding of 4K video with the new H.265 compression format and play back 4K video via HDMI. And ‘characterized by technology SmartColor for images and visual effects of higher quality (a feature also present in H8) and supports Android 5.0 Lollipop. It therefore seems clear his destination: Allwinner as H8, also Allwinner A64 could be designed for TV boxes and game consoles.

H64 OTT Box Development Board