Walt Disney World will officially begin accepting payments through Pay Apple from tomorrow, on Christmas Eve, December 24th. According to reports from WDWMagic , this new availability will allow all users to pay with iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus any element within the park, in addition, this agreement is only the beginning of an expansion wider and a program that will bring Disney to accept many other contactless payment systems.

will initially be available NFC payment in most shops, such as fast food, bars and even the resale of tickets: you can later use Apple Pay with other exercises, such as restaurants, for which we have to wait a update of the program in the coming weeks, but not procrastinate too. Walt Disney World will also allow payments Google Wallet and of course credit cards RFID.

This program goes to sign the important partnership that already prevailed between Apple and Disney, with, moreover, the brand was the first film that partners with its Pay Apple Store in America. Subsequently the arrival of Macy’s, Walgreens, Subway, McDonalds and Whole Foods enriched the list of partners of Cupertino: already being launched, among other things, a statement announced that Disneyland have begun to accept contactless payments in 2015, so this announcement ahead of its time, in a practice quite unusual in the world of business that always tends to procrastinate. Apple Pay, therefore, continues to achieve the desired success, especially after a few days the analysis of the analysts who have witnessed the arrival of 1% of the market share held by the digital payment system NFC Apple. The location that has most attracted guests with iPhone and iPhone 6 6 Plus was the chain Whole Foods.

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