Giada The company brought to the exhibition Computex 2015 computer is a small form factor i80, belonging to the family of nettops NUC (Next Unit of Computing).

Giada i80 – is one of the first mini-desktop, using the platform of the next-generation Intel Skylake, which will be presented on the market in the third quarter. The developer has applied to the 14-nanometer nettop processor sixth-generation Core series Skylake-U with two cores. Such chips are designed for ultrabooks, thin and light notebooks and computers with low power consumption.

The memory volume Giada i80 is not specified. It is known that within the housing space for the solid-state module mSATA. The equipment includes wireless controllers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Gigabit Ethernet-adapter, four-port USB 3.0, mini-DisplayPort connectors and HDMI 2.0. Dimensions are 116,6 × 111 × 47,5 mm.

The sale of the new product is likely to arrive later this year. Information on the estimated price at the moment, alas, no.