The chief executive of HP, Meg Whitman, must not have much to complain about the year just ending. In 2014, the CEO took home no less than $ 19.6 million, plus around $ 1.5 million in salaries, $ 4.3 million in bonuses, $ 8.2 million in the form of shares and further $ 5.4 million in stock options. The information was released by Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States on Monday (2).

The amount means an 11% increase compared to 2013, when Whitman received salary symbolic $ 1 dollar and, overall, earned $ 17.6 million (including bonuses and awards). Since 2012, Whitman already had their salaries increased by 28%, as reported Bussiness Insider .

Leader in changing times

HP goes through a time of change and the great skipper of this boat is Meg Whitman. She is responsible for the company’s division into two halves: the HP Enterprise, led by it; and HP Inc., responsible for PCs and printers and led by Dion Weisler, but closely watched by the executive.

The company is in phase adjustments and closed the year 2014 with net earnings of $ 7 , 1 billion, 3% more than collected in the previous year. Compared to the same period last year, the company’s shares also doubled in value.

This all, however, comes after a period of uncertainty, when only the sale computers grew to 2013:. otherwise, HP faced retraction in all other sectors

Layoffs in sight

Despite mostly positive numbers, the Palo Alto company anticipates closing 50 thousand jobs – still no time to happen. If such events layoffs, HP is still with a huge list of employees, revolving around 275,000 employees.