Miitomo: the first “game” Nintendo mobile

We know for some months now, Nintendo will make its debut on the gaming market on smartphones and tablets. Today, the Japanese giant introduced its first mobile game, and it’s not without some excitement that we can finally discover … Miitomo. Indeed, no Zelda, Mario, Starfox or Donkey Kong for its first mobile creation, Nintendo chose to focus on its now unavoidable Mii, launched with the Wii console there are now a few years.

It is therefore not really a “game” here, but rather an application that allows mobile users to create their avatar. This will include communicating with other players, but the avatars will also be included in future games. This will be an application of type “free to play” but nevertheless will include some in-app purchases that wish to further expand its avatar.

Nintendo also took the opportunity to recall that his next upcoming titles will pay off. Recall that the group announced its intention to launch five mobile games by March 2017, which this Miitomo before the end of 2015. However, it was shifted to March 2016. Now the question is whether other titles the catalog will also be deferred.