Yesterday (4), Pope Francis surprised everyone again at an event on education and announced the creation of an accelerator of startups within the Vatican.

Its called Scholas.Labs and it will receive projects that use the technology to improve education in the world. Nonprofit, the platform will have experts to evaluate and select projects that receive investment and consulting support. In addition, everything will be free of charge, there is no charge of startups.

The accelerator aims to support ten projects per year, with the intention of attracting developers from all over the world. In addition to the Pope, the initiative is supported by major technology companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM and the Argentine Globant.

Pope and education

Before Scholas.Labs project, Pope Francis was already involved in projects to improve the level of global education. Also in Buenos Aires, he developed a training project for young people, called “School of Neighbors.” After his move to the Vatican, Francis went to support the Scholas NGOs, which had a similar purpose and now connects 370 000 schools through the social network Social Scholas.

Now the Pope is determined to expand the project and to bring quality education to all the world, with the goal of improving the quality of life of young people.