The company SVALT at CES 2015 demonstrated its new Universal Dock for MacBook and other laptops, designed not only to hold the device, but also for his active cooling.

It would seem that what cool laptops of Apple? But for those who work with time-consuming tasks or play games no secret that even the aluminum MacBook may be very hot, not to mention the usual PC-notebooks. In the market there is a huge number of specialized supports for cooling, but they are for the most part, have a laptop in the horizontal plane for comfortable operation. But if you often use the MacBook as a system unit to work with in an external monitor, the stand SVALT D will approach better than ever.

SVALT D First SVALT D – is a stylish stand for MacBook. Her body is made of anodized aluminum and is like no other design merges with laptops from Apple. In places of contact with the laptop stand has rubber parts to avoid the possibility of scratches and abrasions.

SVALT D In the back of the cooler is (80 x 80 x 25 mm), cold air is supplied to the back of the notebook. The cooler can be one of two types – powerful (red) in respect of 1700 rev / m (noise level – 15 dBA) and quieter (yellow), rotating at a speed of 1200 rev / m (12 dBA).

SVALT D With such an active cooling system, a laptop cooled to 12 times better, greatly reducing the heating and increasing processor performance (up to 129% increase in power to the normal mode and 56% in mode Turbo Boost).

SVALT D is ideal for notebook Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with diagonals of 11, 13 and 15 inches, and for similar PC-Notebook.

SVALT D Sales SVALT D will begin in February for $ 130 and $ 150 depending on the power of the cooler. For more details or to leave a request for notification producer the sales can be at official website .