Unified Remote upgrade is rolling out new graphics

Unified Remote upgrade is rolling out new graphics

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Unified Remote is a program available for some time in the Play Store and is perhaps one of the best solutions for remote control of your PC via Android. This is not for those programs that allow you to view the screen of your PC on the screen of our mobile device (or rather does not have this as its main purpose) but turn our smartphones a real remote control for your PC.

The present control are really a lot and you can use either Bluetooth, and Wi-fi connection. There are tons of settings and OPERATION ality present that list them would become too long a list and invite you to check out Play Store with the description of the functionality. Here, however, the main features:

  • Easy configuration of the server and the app: just works.
  • With a number of different remotes to control various multimedia applications, tools, system settings, etc.
  • control basic input for mouse and keyboard.
  • Automatic detection of server to easily locate servers on the local network.
  • server password protection and encryption for an additional level of security.
  • supports mouse control single and multi-touch.
  • Wake On LAN to easily start the server.
  • Includes graphical themes for conditions of high light and limited.
  • Server is available for Windows, Mac (beta) and Linux (Beta).
  • To control other devices, such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi Yun.
  • 18 remotes free

The news of the last few hours is that this application is updated by integrating the latest Material Design.